Carrie - Going Vegan, if only for a nightIn January this year when many of my friends and colleagues sat proudly in the Veganuary camp, I clung firmly to dry January and convinced myself that veganism wasn’t for me . Fast forward a few months and I find myself ditching animal protein and dairy and becoming vegan for the night.

It wasn’t entirely by accident; I was due to be attending an awards event that evening hosted by BusinessGreen and we had made the bold decision to serve an entirely vegan menu for dinner.

At the agency we are extremely conscious of the serious environmental responsibility that running events creates so we were delighted when BusinessGreen took on our idea of a vegan menu. Many might argue that it was a safe choice for us given the nature of the brand, but it is something we’ve since rolled out for other brands with resounding success. It takes a bit of thought and some creative menu choices but its hugely rewarding.

With experts claiming that eating a vegan diet could be the “single biggest way” to reduce your environmental impact on earth it does seem that serving a vegan meal to 200+ people, if only for one night does some good towards creating a sustainable event business.

I’m not a convert just yet but proud that the agency is leading the way with initiatives like this and I’ll definitely be joining the Veganuary camp next year

Carrie x